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Our 3-tiered approach for opioid therapies training allows every peer-to-peer relationship to be unique and meet the needs of both parties.

Ask a Colleague

A simple and direct way to receive an answer related to opioids and pain management. This facet of our opioid therapies training is designed to provide a prompt response to simple practice-related question.
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Short-term Support

Designed to provide individualized, one-on-one guidance to discuss specific questions and how to handle complex clinical situations involving prescribing opioids and opioid addiction.
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In-Depth Colleague Support

Similar to a traditional academic mentoring arrangement where a relationship is expected to last over period of time with regular scheduled interactions.
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Join the PCSS-O Listserv

Participants who subscribe to the listserv can submit a question to the Expert of the Month.

Please note:  The Colleague Support Program is for educational purposes only.  Participants agree that they will not rely on this information while treating patients or providing other professional services.