Opioids: Proper Prescribing and Treating Addiction

Dr. Charles Argoff, Professor of Neurology at Albany Medical College and Director of the Comprehensive Pain Management Center at Albany Medical Center, discusses PCSS-O and PCSS-MAT projects as additional resources for providers and other health professionals in the safe and effective use of opioid medications in the treatment of pain and opioid use disorder.


We all know that chronic pain as an entity can be very difficult, very challenging to manage. As a group, individuals with chronic pain may have other comorbidities such as substance abuse and addiction disorders of various types with various substances. We pain management clinicians need help with this; not all of us have been trained in substance abuse management or even substance abuse recognition.

When taking care of people with chronic pain, many of us have found that many of these patients have issues that would be considered substance abusing-type behaviors, substance abuse disorders, even unbeknownst to them. We all need to work together, not only to address the pain but also to support each other as we address the other complications of chronic opioid therapy, for example, and chronic pain treatment itself.

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