PCSS-O Listserv

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PCSS-O Listserv provides an “Expert of the Month” who will answer questions related to a recently presented PCSS-O webinar or PCSS-O online module topic. Participants who subscribe to the listserv can submit a question to the Expert of the Month, and if selected, the response will be posted so that all participants can view it. We hope this will generate further questions and answers and that clinicians will find this useful to their practices.

This is a program that we believe is not replicated elsewhere, so we hope you will participate, will find it valuable and that you will make viewing the content of the listserv a part of your ongoing self-education.

Please note: The listserv is for educational purposes only.  Participants agree that they will not rely on this information while treating patients or providing other professional services.


I work at small rural health clinic with a nurse practitioner. We see many patients with chronic pain and substance abuse problems. We have very few resources available for our patients; no dietitian, limited counseling and psychiatry, etc. The Pain Tracker looks like a very useful tool and hopefully it will be available in EPIC soon. I have found the chain of emails very interesting. It makes me feel less isolated. Thanks for all the helpful comments and handouts. – Sheila Raumer, MD