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Are you a Health Professional Who Would Like to be a Mentor?

Mentors will share their expertise with clinicians asking for support in their undertaking of safe and effective opioid prescribing. This application form should be completed by health professionals with expertise in the clinical use of opioid medications who are willing to answer questions/provide feedback to clinicians. Experts providing peer support can be from any healthcare profession. We will try to match Mentors with clinicians requesting an expert to whom they can pose questions related to opioid prescribing by profession or by expertise if specific expertise is requested.

  • If you would like to apply to become a PCSS-O mentor, please click here.

Are you a Health Professional Seeking a Mentor?

PCSS-O enlists clinical experts in the fields of addiction medicine/psychiatry and pain management to be mentors to health professionals seeking guidance in their clinical practice in prescribing opioid medications. This is not a program to offer medical advice about specific patients. Rather, this program is one in which experts offer general information to clinicians about evidence-based clinical practices in prescribing opioid medications. This resource program is one component of a large program of education and mentoring services for providers of opioid medications in the United States.

  • If you are a health professional seeking a mentor to provide support in your undertaking of safe and effective opioid prescribing, please click here.